Lutherans Triumph in Survivor, Church-Style: Churches Go Head to Head

Article excerpt

New Denmark, N.B.

"LUTHERANS RULE" read the giant blue letters painted on the snowbank in front of St. Peter's Lutheran church and Pastor Kimber's house. That is the snowbank on the side of the Main New Denmark Road at the top of what passes for a mountain in northern New Brunswick, the one that faces St. Ansgar's Anglican church and Pastor Julie's house.

The message was presumptuous, to say the least, and surely not prophetic; the weekend Survivor challenge had barely begun and the Anglicans looked, like a shoo-in.

Pastor Julie's tent had all the comforts of home--including a giant double air mattress with purity comforter, mini-stereo, down-filled slippers, a book case and reading lamp--not to mention one of the comforts of a Tibetan monastery, a Lhasa apso named Ellie, descended from a long-line of dogs bred and trained to sleep on monks' feet.

Pastor Kimber's hovel was a blue tarpaulin draped over a dugout mound of snow, just big enough to accommodate her sleeping bag.

These shelters, a shared campfire and the offerings of their respective congregations (200 Lutherans and 60 Anglicans), were all that stood between Rev. Julie Armstrong and Rev. Kimber McNabb and the elements for an entire February weekend. …


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