Magazine article St. Louis Journalism Review

The Mean Streets of Jefferson City

Magazine article St. Louis Journalism Review

The Mean Streets of Jefferson City

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In conversations with two lobbyists and eight legislators, SJR found unanimity on one issue--this legislative session is one of the meanest and more divisive is recent memory.

"The general atmosphere is partisan to an extreme that extends into procedural areas," a lobbyist said.

A metro area state senator quipped, "If you're in the minority party, you are lucky to get 10 minutes to speak." A colleague from the House interrupted, "You mean they let you speak? They don't allow that on the House side." The group then laughed--a cynical, dark laugh.

The debate in the House on HB 1566 ran late into the evening. The legislation, according to an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, would limit Medicaid eligibility to 50 percent of the poverty level (a single parent with two children would be limited to an income of less than $8,000 a year with no more than $1,000 in savings).

Minority party members complain that leaders in the House pushed through "mean-spirited" legislation in a "disingenuous" manner that limited debate. One of the legislators offered, "I've been around for awhile, and I was shocked at the content of the debate ... and, I guess, the level of hypocrisy."

One lobbyist was willing to illustrate the level of procedural acrimony that took place in one Senate hearing: "The level of interest (or rather, the lack of interest) a GOP Senate Committee chair is willing to give minority members was symbolized by a procedural maneuver he took in the latter portion of a public hearing. …

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