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Presswatch: Virgin Mobile - 'Little Accident'

Magazine article Marketing

Presswatch: Virgin Mobile - 'Little Accident'

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The current campaign for Virgin Mobile has moved on from 'A-list phones at C-list prices' to 'faux gangsters', encouraging customers to 'lose' their old mobiles to acquire a flashier new Virgin mobile.

Hmm, not sure what the insurance companies would say about that, but that's me being old and sensible, and the target audience for Virgin Mobile are probably 'losing' phones by the dozen as they strive to keep up with the latest styles.

I would imagine the creative agency has used Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels as its inspiration - Cockney slang with a bit of Mafioso here and there. The cinematic/Sopranos theme also comes through very clearly.

Quite whether this is in tune with the zeitgeist I'm less sure (Lock, Stock was 1998); but then there is a timeless thrill of gangsters and the underworld, which these ads exploit.

Where they are a bit cleverer is in their parodying of the language ('Little accident') and turning what could be an incendiary message into a humourous one.

Visually they are striking; a good dollop of the trusty Virgin red and the sinisterly lit photography helps you get the brand and the message quickly. …

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