Futuring and Foresight

Article excerpt

As this issue of THE FUTURIST went to press, an extraordinary new book from editor Edward Cornish, too, was sent off to the printer. Futuring: The Exploration of the Future is an in-depth look at ways to improve your foresight in order to make better choices for your future.

Learning as much as we can about the future is critical for surviving in the Great Transformation ahead, a transformation wrought by hurricane-force technological and social change all around us, says Cornish. Foresight is what allows us to identify both the potential dangers and the enormous opportunities ahead. Futuring takes us on a remarkable journey into uncharted territory. But like the great explorers of the past, we explorers of the future need not venture forward without maps, compasses, and other crucial tools to help us navigate. Futuring gives us those navigation tools.

Get a glimpse of what you'll find in Futuring in a special pull-out report, "The Art of Foresight," following page 30 of this issue of THE FUTURIST. This report is a primer on the tools most commonly used to examine trends and think productively about the future. …


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