Youth Programs Vital for Adult Success

Article excerpt

Adolescents and young people face critical challenges in the coming decades, according to a report from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The report stresses the importance of investing in youth programs, especially for avoiding early and unwanted pregnancies, coerced sex, and sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV/AIDS.


"Investing in the well-being and ensuring the participation of the world's largest youth generation will yield benefits for generations to come," say report authors.

Adolescents have insufficient information, opportunities, resources, and support to make choices guiding them into and in adulthood, the authors aver. Sexual and reproductive health have been identified as essential components of young people's ability to become well-adjusted, responsible, and productive members of society. Some key needs for future attention include basic sex-education programs, better programs for reaching youths who are not in school, and programs in traditional societies.

No "one size fits all" approach will work, argue the authors. …


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