The Mission of THE FUTURIST

Article excerpt

THE FUTURIST magazine is edited for people who take the future seriously. They recognize that humans shape their own future by whatever they do. Therefore, it's critically important to take the future into account whenever we make decisions. Decisions made with adequate foresight advance us toward our long-term goals. Naturally, we must deal with immediate problems, but they must not prevent us from also looking ahead and preparing for future problems and opportunities.


The task of THE FUTURIST is to help those people who do take their future seriously to understand significant trends and where they may lead. That gives readers a framework for good decision making. THE FUTURIST also provides in-depth articles exploring important developments and ideas in a wide range of subject areas. Other articles provide guidance in how to think creatively and strategically about the future, both professionally and personally.

As you read THE FUTURIST regularly, your understanding of the future will develop progressively, and your mind will absorb the knowledge and insights provided by the outstanding thinkers we have assembled for you. …


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