Magazine article History Today

The Post-War World

Magazine article History Today

The Post-War World

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Martin Windrow's The Lost Valley: Dien Bien Phu and the French defeat in Vietnam (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 25 [pounds sterling]) is the vividly told story of a miniature Stalingrad in which 10,000 French troops were besieged by a large army of Viet Minh for fifty-seven days, fifty years ago.

John Darrell Sherwood pays close attention to the air campaign of 1972 and uses interviews and journal excerpts to tell the stories of the Vietnam War aviators in Afterburner: Naval Aviators and the Vietnam War (New York University Press, $32.95).

Nasser, the last Arab by Said Aburish (Duckworth, 20 [pounds sterling]) is a definitive biography of one of the most important Arab leaders of the 20th century.

Daniel Marcus takes us back to the wonderful culture and dreamy politics of post-war America in Happy Days and Wonder Years: The Fifties and Sixties in Contemporary Culture and Politics (Rutgers University Press pb $22.95, hb $62).

Mark Kurlansky looks at the year 1968, which saw such events as the assassination of Robert Kennedy, Prague Spring and the birth of the women's rights movement, in 1968: The Year that Rocked the World (Jonathan Cape, 17.99 [pounds sterling]).

Donald RayfieLd uses previously unseen archival documents to show how Stalin transformed writers and poets such as Felix Dzerzhinsky and Viacheslav Menzhinsky into instigators of mass murder in his thought-provoking work, Stalin and His Hangmen: An Authoritative Portrait of a Tyrant and Those Who Served Him (Penguin/Viking, 20 [pounds sterling]). …

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