Magazine article Computers in Libraries

Kevin from Pa. Writes

Magazine article Computers in Libraries

Kevin from Pa. Writes

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Kevin from Pa. writes: So many hosts on the Internet ... can be infected with virus software that will constantly bombard networks. These systems have no idea [whether] you have a dynamic or static [IP], only that they are to test for active networks. If you don't have something to block this kind of activity, you will be very vulnerable. The goal here is to try to prevent as much as possible.

techman responds: This was a rebuttal regarding my answer to a question about firewalls and computers with DSL connections [February, p. 52]. Kevin continued,"The answer should have been more about her options than to say that it was about IP addressing. XP has firewalling built-in and DSL routers are very reasonably priced and are easy to set up. Most DSL routers act as firewalls while offering other services ... such as port filtering and using a modem as a backup to your DSL line."

OK, good point. I was explaining why it was important to think about protecting your computer, given some changes in the environment ... but Kevin is all about the bottom line. Protection is what's important.

For more about firewalls, check and

Cheers, techman

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