Cherokee Ships Rewritable 3.5" Optical Disk Drive

Article excerpt

Cherokee Data Systems, Inc. (Cherokee) has announced the availability of a rewritable 3.5" optical disk drive subsystem for personal computers. Using magneto-optic (MO) data cartridges, it allows the storage of up to 128 MB of data on a single disk. Disk cartridges are formatted in the ISO/CCS standard format that has been adopted by all manufacturers of 3.5" rewritable optical disk drives. Adoption of this standard format means that data cartridges written using the Cherokee 3.5" optical disk drive can be read on any other 3.5" rewritable optical disk drive using the same ISO/CCS standard format.

The small data cartridge form factor allows users to carry an equivalent of 64,000 pages of information, about 88 high-capacity floppy disks, in a shirt pocket! Under the MS-DOS operating system, this high-capacity storage device appears as a very large floppy drive. It is well suited for data archiving. Rewritable optical cartridges offer a minimum shelf life of ten years. …


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