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Accounting Made Simple by Simply Accounting (ACCPAC Bedford Simply Accounting)(Software) (Evaluation)

Magazine article CMA - the Management Accounting Magazine

Accounting Made Simple by Simply Accounting (ACCPAC Bedford Simply Accounting)(Software) (Evaluation)

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Simply Accounting is virtually the same product as Bedford accounting software on DOS, except that Simply Accounting contains much more data capacity. This is an entry-level package operating under Windows that contains the basic features of an accounting package.

According to John Schoutsen from Computer Associates, "Initial sales of the product have been overwhelming in North America." Launched in April of this year, Simply Accounting is the result of a year's effort by the Bedford R&D team in Vancouver. There are three versions: Canadian English, Canadian French, and U.S. The product lists for $225 but could be bought from a retailer for as low as $129.

The nicest feature of this product is that it works under Microsoft Windows. I am a fan of this ever-popular operating environment. It's easier and faster to point and click on your decision than to hit the Enter key. Once you learn the Windows environment, it's easy also to learn other applications within Windows. CA is supporting the Windows environment with various graphics products. CA is fully committed to the Windows environment. The release of Simply Accounting is a first step in a larger-scale Windows strategy that will be revealed over the coming months.

Simply Accounting works with Journals and Ledgers. The ledgers provided are: General, Payables, Receivables, Inventory, and Project. These ledgers are where the master files are set up. The Windows version has a capacity of 5,000 G/L accounts. By comparison, the MacIntosh version has a capacity of 2,000 accounts and the Bedford version has a capacity of 500 accounts. For other master file items, Bedford has a capacity of 999 items, whereas Windows has a capacity of 32,000. This would apply to customers, vendors, employees, inventory items, and jobs. The General Ledger accounts are four characters long. When you set these up, you determine the nature of the account for reporting purposes.

The Payables Ledger doesn't have the facility for separate Bill To and Pay To vendor addresses. Neither does it have an allowance for term codes. Therefore, when you want to pay a bill, you have to calculate the discount on the invoice. Note that a Purchases Ledger does not exist. The other ledgers have only basic information in them.

The journals available are: General, Purchases, Sales, Payroll, Transfers, Payments, Receipts, and Adjustments. Within the General Journal, you could reverse an entry, once posted. …

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