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Marketing Mix: We'll Call You - Royal Mail

Magazine article Marketing

Marketing Mix: We'll Call You - Royal Mail

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Our letters have vanished because of a bungling postwoman. Can Royal Mail's customer helpline deliver?

Royal Mail Hello, my name's Dave, how can I help?

Mktg I'm calling because our postwoman doesn't push the post fully into our box, so it's left hanging out. This means anyone can take our mail, and someone actually did - we don't know what kind of confidential information a thief may now have as a result.

Royal Mail (sympathetically) Gosh, yes. How long has she been doing this round for now?

Mktg I don't know - we leave early for work. I'm sure you can find out.

Royal Mail Of course. I'm going to get in touch with the manager for you now. There's absolutely no excuse; one of the first things they're told when they get the job is not to leave letters hanging out. Can I take some details from yourself?

Mktg (gives details)

Royal Mail What day was this when it was actually, er ...

Mktg I think it was sometime last week, but I'm not sure.

Royal Mail OK, no problem, I'm going to get an email over to my manager now and get that sorted out for you.

Mktg What about the letters that have been stolen? If someone has taken our bank details we could lose money. Do you have insurance for this?

Royal Mail (pause) I wouldn't have thought so. …

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