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Know Thyself: Self-Assessment Tests on the Web

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Know Thyself: Self-Assessment Tests on the Web

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It's a slow night at the reference desk. There's nothing to do but poke around on the Internet. Here's an IQ test--why not take it? Hey, I'm pretty smart! How about some personality analysis? Management material, for sure! Finally, do I have obsessive-compulsive tendencies? Of course! Why else would I love to search the Web so much?

Yes, there is politics and there is sex, but the topic that really captures my interest is myself. Who am I? What should I be doing with my time on Earth? Is there some magic secret that I can discover about myself that will somehow dramatically improve my life?

The Web is a great place to find self-assessment tests that perhaps tell you more about yourself that you wanted to know. Read on and try a few. But don't do it in front of your boss.

Test Collections and Directories

Yahoo! Online Personality Tests Psychology/Branches/Personality/ Online_Tests/

To really get to your inner self, explore this directory of online personality questionnaires, hand-picked by the Yahoo! gang.


Montreal-based Plumeus, Inc. [] developed this huge selection of quality self-assessment tests online. In return for free registration, sample from among 102 professionally developed and validated psychological tests, 113 Just-for-Fun tests, 230 mind games and quizzes. QueenDom's sister site, PsychTests. com [], emphasizes psychological testing.


Matthew Nielsen of Farmington, Utah, created this jolly site. It not only offers personality quizzes, but also lets you make your own in return for free registration. Because amateurs craft these quizzes, many are not very helpful, but, on the other hand, some are fantastic.


Primarily a commercial matchmaking service, Tickle offers a variety of self-discovery tests, again in return for free registration. Test your IQ of find out what kind of dog you are at work. This site was formerly known as

Down in ol' Missouri, they've been collecting all kinds of puzzles and games for our Web enjoyment. Take an IQ test or test your skill at analogies and other word games.

Personality Test Database

Chicagoan Jason Hinkle collected these links to personality tests that range from silly to scientific and everything in between.

Tim Flynn of Manchester, Missouri, assembled this collection of personality tests. Discover into which of nine segments of the Enneagram your personality falls. Test your Big5 personality traits: friendliness, orderliness, emotional stability, open-mindedness, and extroversion. Complete the Myers-Briggs assessment or "Ask the Oracle" to decide what to do about your future. Only the compatibility test requires free registration.

Personality Tests

Sweden's Henrik Sievers offers these links to a hodgepodge of surveys. The links are annotated and carry estimates for the length of time it takes to complete each test.

iVillage Premium Self-Assessment Tests O,,37_604956,00.html

iVillage, the ultimate chick site, is where beauty makeovers and fertility tests rule. Free registration will get you access to a variety of self-assessment quizzes that analyze your personality, motivation, and IQ. You can also get skin care and coloring advice.

IQ Tests

Being smart is very important to librarians. It's what they pay us for, yes? I was once in a library school class which, in disgust after a sales rep spelled "architects" with an "x," literally snorted en masse. …

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