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Magazine article Management Today

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Lewis Findlay, managing director of spread-betting company Cantor Index, takes advantage of the latest technology to ease his back pain. Short on time, he's aware that he doesn't get the most from his gadgets, so everything he learns is on a need-to-know basis. Findlay finds the video conferencer more 'honest' than e-mails, but his dream gadget has yet to be invented: a dinosaur fossil detector



The massager is very geriatric, but I've got a bad back and I need it.

It does two things: it vibrates but it also has heat pads. They are brilliant, especially in the winter when it's cold. The massager works on three areas - thighs, lower back and upper back - but it is noisy. If I've got it on full steam and somebody walks in, they don't know what it is. The cool thing is that when the heat pads are on, it looks like Captain Kirk's chair. I have it on for only 20 minutes at a time - I get a bit seasick.



The XDA II has the functionality I need while I'm getting from my workstation in the office to home. We have XDAs because we've developed our own software for it. I've also got PA's newsfeed, so I can watch how things progress.

I've got all my company's betting prices as well, and all our financial prices too. My existence is on it, really. I can stay in touch with the financial markets and the sports world.



If it wasn't for talk of their battery life and that they don't arrive with all your tracks ready-loaded, I'd love an iPod. …

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