Magazine article Ebony

Celebrities Tell 'My Most Romantic Moment'

Magazine article Ebony

Celebrities Tell 'My Most Romantic Moment'

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ROMANCE, A simple touch, a special gift, a pleasant surprise can make the heart flutter and create magical encounters that live on forever. Who can forgot love's magical moments?

Fortunately, romatic interludes can happen to anyone at anytime and anywhere.

Consider the television actress whose Christmas-time homesickness was erased thanks to the ingenuity of her husband. Or take the sultry singer whowe spirit was lifted, literally, as she and her date dined over California in a private jet.

On the following pages, celebrities recall these and other romantic moments--usually with warm feelings and a smile.


It happened on my birthday. A lady friend surprised me with an unusual present. She gave me something I never expected: silk. Silk shirts, silk shorts, silk pajamas, silk underwear--silk everything. It was one of the nicest gifts I ever received.


My most romantic moment had to be when my boyfriend took me to the mall and tricked me. It was Valentine's Day, and I thought we were going to hang out or go shopping. So we get there, and in the middle of the mall, there were these portraits on display. One of them was of me. He had already had it commissioned, and that was my Valentine's Day present. I was overwhelmed. It was really beautiful.


My husband [Dan Martin] and I were in Paris a few years ago during the Christmas holidays, and I became homesick for my family and friends and began to cry. Dan left me in the hotel and frantically searched the city's flower markets until he found a small potted Christmas tree. That wasn't all. He then scoured the shops to find tree ornaments. Well I was feeling totally abandoned until I looked up and there was my Prince Charming with the cure for the holiday blues. We spent the rest of that Christmas Day decorating a dream and creating a memory that will last forever. …

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