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Viking (Version 5.12)

Magazine article Modern Trader

Viking (Version 5.12)

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Viking (version 5.12)

Available only in Europe until now, Viking assists in analyzing, creation and implementation of trading strategies in stocks, bonds, options and futures. The program is menu-driven and contains "on-line" help.

Viking has two main components: a charting module and an analysis section. Besides these principal functions, Viking also calculates option values, creates custom indexes and tracks an investment portfolio.

The charting feature lets the user see and evaluate market behavior. It includes essential charting tools and generates clear and easily viewed color graphics. Trendlines and channels can be set as "guard levels" that generate signals when violated.

In addition to most traditional technical analysis studies, Viking contains some non-conventional technical models. Market Profile and candlestick charts are not available.

As many as six charts can be displayed at once. Chart layouts can be saved as templates, permitting the user to graph a series of markets quickly and easily using the same format. These charts can be viewed one at a time or displayed in movie-like sequence. Maneuvering in the charting mode is satisfactory but could be improved with "pull down" menus.

Other drawbacks are apparent. Opening prices and open interest are neither charted nor incorporated into trading models.

The analysis features begin with creation of a trading model. Condition and logic statements dictate when the model should buy, sell, short and cover. Models can be designed around five variables: open, high, low, close and the closing price of a relative market or index. …

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