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What's Read in Ireland: Survey Measures Readership of 20 Irish Newspapers and Magazines

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

What's Read in Ireland: Survey Measures Readership of 20 Irish Newspapers and Magazines

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What's read in Ireland

Some 52% of Ireland's adult population reads at least one of the five national daily morning newspapers and 75% of the population reads at least one of the four national Sunday newspapers.

The figures were disclosed in a new survey that measures the readership of 20 Irish newspapers and magazines as distinct from the sales or circulation of those newspapers.

The two Irelands have a combined population of 4.5 million.

The Dublin-based Irish Independent has a 595,000 circulation figure - more than the combined total of its two main rivals, the Irish Times and the Irish Press, which have a daily readership (as against circulation) of 249,000. All three are morning newspapers. In Northern Ireland, the Belfast Newsletter and Irish News compete for morning readership.

The Evening Press and Evening Herald compete for the late market in Dublin, while the evening Belfast Telegraph has the biggest daily circulation in Northern Ireland.

In Cork, The Examiner is the morning paper and the Evening Echo its afternoon counterpart. Both publish six days a week, Monday through Saturday.

In a country with an enthusiasm for newspapers that North American publishers can only dream about, the people of Ireland also buy each week 650,000 newspapers published by members of the Provincial Newspaper Association of Ireland.

The 37 association members have more than 42 editions that average more than 15,500 a week. They range from the 5,998 issues produced by the Connacht Sentinel, published in Galway, to The Kerryman, published in Tralee, with a circulation of 36,149.

The provincials are scattered all over Ireland, from the Derry Journal in the far north of Northern Ireland to the Southern Star in Skibbereen in County Cork.

The latest annual survey of the national dailies, the 19th, was conducted by the Landsdowne/Joint National Readership group. It covered 5,090 interviews in the 12 months between July 1990 and June 1991.

The research was commissioned by the National Newspapers of Ireland, Irish magazine publishers, and the Association of Advertisers. The full report is for sale at a price of 325 punts (about U. …

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