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Quebec Revamps Alcohol Advertising Regulations

Magazine article Marketing

Quebec Revamps Alcohol Advertising Regulations

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Quebec Revamps Alcohol Advertising Regulations

MONTREAL: New regulations on advertising and promoting alcoholic beverages in Quebec have drawn mixed reactions from the industry.

The revised Quebec regulations took effect Dec. 5.

Among the changes:

* Any company advertising alcoholic beverage products must also submit an educational project (e.g. responsible driving ads; grants for alcoholic treatment centres) before March 1 each year. If it does not, or if the education project does not take place within 12 months of approval, the Regie des permis d'alcools du Quebec has the power to refuse to approve the company's regular advertising. (All regular advertising - print, spoken, televised - must be submitted for approval at least five days before scheduled to appear).

* Manufacturers' names continue to be banned from uniforms or sports equipment of minors (under 18) and the names of permit holders must not be used for promotion.

* Outdoor advertising is now allowed. (It is omitted from the regulations, although the creative messages would have to be approved).

* Permit holders can no longer advertise a "Happy Hour" when discounted or two-for-one drinks are offered.

"The opening of outdoor advertising for beer, wine and liquor is a positive move," said Jean-Pierre Arvisais, chairman, PNMD/Publitel, and chairman, Confederation generale de la publicite, "as it what seems to be a more open approach to sampling."

However, regulations insisting on an educational program and approval of regular advertising drew criticism. …

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