Magazine article New Statesman (1996)

Competition: Win Vouchers to Spend at Any TESCO Store

Magazine article New Statesman (1996)

Competition: Win Vouchers to Spend at Any TESCO Store

Article excerpt

Competition No 3833

Set by Margaret Rogers, 24 May

You were asked for verses from the disaffected to mark the 25th anniversary of Mrs Thatcher's becoming Prime Minister in May 1979.

Report by Ms de Meaner

Some excellent entries. That Woman obviously inspires you still. I was sorry to lose El Basilio ("She came with the opportune words of St Francis/With the iron in her soul and the feminine glances") and Robin Oakley-Hill ("Spouting St Francis Fukuyama's text/A future plural grandmother appeared"). Hon menshes to you both, as well as Anne Du Croz, Bruce Alter, Joanna Crooks, John Nye and D A Prince. I thought some of you a little harsh, however ("Rejoice, rejoice, the bitch is dead/Or will be soon, I've heard it said"). So bitter! [pounds sterling]15 to the winners. The overall champion is Josh Ekroy, who also gets the Tesco vouchers.

She well knew what was done in her name.
The security forces were under
Her direct control, she must take the blame.
The disappeared cry for vengeful thunder!
For the legitimisation of greed
She must answer. Doctors told her to stop
Jabbering, but they never did succeed.
Now is the time to give the final chop.
She must be stripped of her immunity
From prosecution. What's a heart attack?
There is such a thing as society!
Now is the time to bring true justice back.
Twenty-five years we have waited in vain;
A chance like this will never come again.

Remember it like yesterday,
The grocer's girl who beat the grocer:
The fine-spun hair, the urge to pray--

And closer,
That gimlet eye, the cutpurse lip,
An aldermanic burst of laughter,

Her wire basket at her hip
And after
This, a quartered century,

Her firm look here, as we were spaniel
Puppies learning, at her knee,
Her manual. … 
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