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Adwatch: Alpen - 'Wife Swap'

Magazine article Marketing

Adwatch: Alpen - 'Wife Swap'

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Remember that Toyota 'wife-swapping' ad - the one where the fat bird picks the Toyota keys and all the blokes stand up to claim both her and the car? It was cheeky, witty and relevant in communicating the desire for the Corolla.

Well, here's the ad again, for Alpen. Only this time, they've removed the wit and the relevance and left us with what they think amounts to cheek.

So, a dorky-looking fella walks into a room in the middle of a conversation between his wife (I guess) and another couple. They're all giggling naughtily and his missus has the same kind of lascivious look in her eyes that my creative partner Gary Betts greets me with every morning.

'What are you talking about?' he asks. 'Wife swapping,' she leerily replies.

I won't tell you the rest, because it's so bad I don't really want to give it the benefit of an additional opportunity to see. All I'll say is that eventually, after his clumsy misunderstanding, a voiceover tells us this commercial is for Alpen.

Unfortunately it doesn't tell us why this commercial is for Alpen, or anything about Alpen at all, apart from the fact that it's got 'more'. …

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