Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Get Your Money's Worth

Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Get Your Money's Worth

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Are you getting your money's worth out of IREM?


One of the greatest, if not the greatest, values of being part of IREM is networking with other members. How much of it do you do?

The people you connect with at IREM events--local, regional and national--confront problems and opportunities just like the ones you do. They also have perspectives you don't. They've solved problems and seized opportunities differently than you. They can be some of the best learning sources.

In fact, through networking you can learn things about our profession and its people you never would find out otherwise. Why? Most people talk more easily than they write. They chat about things they would never take the time or effort to write. There is a huge body of knowledge in people's heads you can tap into only through unstructured conversation in a networking environment. Plus, talking face-to-face comes with message content you don't get from print or electronic communication--candor, body language, inflection, volume changes, timbre, gestures, facial expressions.

You can defer written communication until seemingly more important things are out of your way. (How big is your "must read" file?) Too often, written communication never gets read at all. …

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