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Jackson Album Evokes Memories

Magazine article Anglican Journal

Jackson Album Evokes Memories

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Joe Jackson Live in Tokyo A&M

We are young but getting old before our time We'll leave the T.V. and the radio behind/ Don't you wonder what we'll find / Steppin' out tonight.

--"Steppin' Out" by Joe Jackson

IT WAS AN opportunity frittered away back in 1986. I regretted it then, and I just got a reminder that I regret it now.

I had a chance to go see Joe Jackson, and I opted not to.

I was living in Toronto at the time, and I was in my first year at Wycliffe College. At the time, I was in the indoctrination which was a key part of my seminary training, and I wondered how going to a concert by a New Wave pop icon--one who was out of the closet, to boot--would go over with my classmates and professors.

Upon reflection, I realize that the big reason that I did not go to that concert that night was that I was concerned about what other people would think of me.

In the process, I missed what was literally a once in a lifetime opportunity. If I have learned anything since that time, it is that life in all its facets is a precious gift not to be taken for granted.

In the big picture, I am not talking about music in particular. While in seminary, I lived in Toronto for three years, and was separated by sometimes minutes and never more than an hour from dear relatives. I did not spend nearly enough time with them. So often, I thought that it was more important to do that extra bit of obsessing over an academic program that was, truly, more busy than it was difficult. …

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