Panasonic OA Intros Two Industry-Standard Rewritable Optical Disk Drives

Article excerpt

Panasonic Communications & Systems Company's Office Automation (OA) Group has introduced two high-performance 3.5-inch rewritable optical disk drives that accept the ISO/ANSI standard 128-MB rewritable media optical read-only memory (O-ROM). The LF-3004, an internal version, and the LF-3000, a stand-alone external version, enable VARs (value-added resellers) and systems integrators to implement a widerange of data-storage and imaging applications for personal computers and high-performance workstations. Both are available now.

Due to a new lightweight, split-optical head, the LF-3004/LF-3000 has a seek time of less than 45 milliseconds. Additionally, the rotational speed of 3,000 rpm, combined with the 128-kilobyte buffer, provides sustained data-transfer rates of 640 kilobytes per second.

The LF-3004 built-in drive, which may be mounted horizontally or vertically, is contained entirely within the standard form-factor dimensions of 4.06 inches (W) x 1.7 inches (H) x 5.8 inches (D). This makes it deal for incorporation into personal computer desktop and tower configurations and high-performance workstations. The LF-3000 external version is packaged in its own enclosure, including power supply, fan and power cable. …


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