ISI's Arts & Humanities SEARCH to Be Added to EPIC and FirstSearch

Article excerpt

The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), in cooperation with OCLC, announced that it will add ISI's database, Arts and Humanities SEARCH, to two of OCLC's reference services, the EPIC service and the FirstSearch Catalog. Arts & Humanities SEARCH will be available on EPIC and FirstSearch in June 1992.

A&H SEARCH provides instant access to current bibliographic information from the international arts and humanities journal literature. While it fully indexes over 1,100 leading arts and humanities journals from around the world, it also includes individually selected, relevant articles from the sciences and social studies, providing comprehensive, multidisciplinary coverage on an international level. The database covers information from 1980 to the present.

A&H SEARCH represents virtually every discipline from the arts and humanities, including visual arts, history, literature, philosophy, religion and music. It also covers archaeology, dance, language and linguistics, philosophy, religion and the theater. Its extensive coverage includes the reviews of books, films, records, art exhibits, television and radio programs, and dance and theatrical performances.

"We are particularly pleased to be able to offer users of EPIC and FirstSearch this valuable database," stated Bonnie Lawlor, Executive Vice President of ISI's Database Publishing Division. "A&H SEARCH is unique because it is the only database on OCLC's reference services with cited reference searching, the advanced search technique that benefits searchers who are starting with only details of earlier authors or papers. Cited reference searching enables searchers to quickly and easily identify current papers that relate to their research.

"The A&H SEARCH, due to its extensive back-year coverage, is also ideal for retrospective searches of the arts and humanities literature. …


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