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Presswatch: Toyota - 'Car Range'

Magazine article Marketing

Presswatch: Toyota - 'Car Range'

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When I was asked to write an article on one of the top 20 press spenders of July (retailer heaven!), I didn't feel any real excitement.

Then I spotted Toyota on the list and thought: cars, they're sexy, I'll write about them, because they're at risk of becoming boring just like all the retailers.

Cars are supposed to be aspirational desires of passion. To quote the film Crazy People: 'Jaguar, for men who like hand jobs from beautiful women they hardly know.' That's it. That's why people buy cars - because they emotionally feel something that catches their imagination and feeds their desires. That's for me! That brand says me!

I don't care whether you're a young male or female, or a 2.4 family; your second-biggest purchase should still say what you're about. Who wants to be average? So why do we see more car ads like Toyota's uninspiring 'Car Range'? Why? Because of high production levels and stiff competition.

Six cars on one ad, all different and all offering everything free - air-con, insurance, CD player. They're all finance-driven, yet we're purchasing something we love.

To be fair to Toyota, at least the cars are photo-graphed in situ on the road in an attempt to create some feeling. …

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