Magazine article School Arts

Architecture in Relief

Magazine article School Arts

Architecture in Relief

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The intellectual and social history of any civilization is reflected in the buildings and works of art it produces. The introductory statement for this project was, "Look at prints and slides of architectural styles around the world from various cultures."


(1) To create a visual image that does not resemble architecture yet is inspired by architecture. (2) To appreciate the shapes and forms which make up a piece of architecture, and gain insight into the culture which created it.


Once the students have studied architectural styles and made an analysis of shapes to use in their relief sculpture, they were provided with the following materials:

* oaktag

* scissors and stencil knife

* balsa wood

* dowel rods

* interesting upholstery nails,etc.

* sandpaper

* wood glue (quick setting)

* background panel board

* spray paint

Background Information

In the past, sculptural reliefs have usually been related to an architectural setting. Sculptors were commissioned or assigned to create a work for a predetermined spot and it would have to fit in appearance and spirit. To give students a better understanding of relief sculpture, we discussed and analyzed three sculptors who work in the relief style.

Hans Arp shares the Dada faith in inspiration and accident. His forms are free and each one is unique. He follows no laws or rules in planning and relies only upon chance or sudden discovery.

Louise Nevelson's work is framed in a box and is composed of harmoniously overlapping curvilinear and straight forms. The cast off bits of carpentry which she uses have certain aesthetic qualities which are pleasing to the eye. Color and shape are effective components bound together to create a muted composition.

The work of Ben Nicholson is carefully deliberated. …

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