Magazine article The New American

National "Indoctrination" Association: Year after Year, One of Our Nation's Most Powerful Labor Unions Continues to Slip Its Leftist Agenda Past an Ever-Gullible Public-And Impressionable Young Students

Magazine article The New American

National "Indoctrination" Association: Year after Year, One of Our Nation's Most Powerful Labor Unions Continues to Slip Its Leftist Agenda Past an Ever-Gullible Public-And Impressionable Young Students

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Over the weekend of July 4, the National Education Association (NEA) held its annual convention, called the Representative Assembly (RA). It received--not surprisingly--little news coverage. Given the ultra-radical agenda of the NEA, the media near-blackout was to the organization's benefit.

When people read the name "National Education Association," they don't immediately think union--they think professional organization. But the NEA is arguably one of the most powerful labor unions in the United States. Certainly, teaching is the most unionized profession, with a staggering 68 percent of teachers belonging either to the NEA, or its much smaller AFL-CIO competitor, the American Federation of Teachers. Comparatively, only 9.4 percent of private sector employees are unionized (as of 1998).

In 1857, when the NEA was organized, it was indeed a professional organization, concerned with standards, ethics and educational techniques. But in 1917, the NEA was taken over by socialist, progressive educators. In the 1960s, the NEA morphed into a public sector union--a union with a subversive purpose.

On the surface, the NEA will have you believe it is merely concerned with teacher salaries, teacher professionalism and the educational well-being of our children. But a closer look at NEA officials, NEA ties with other organizations and NEA policy reveals a markedly different story: The NEA's true goal is to nationalize our education system, with the NEA in control, and in the process dumb down and morally corrupt our children in preparation for acceptance of a socialistic new world order.

The Moral Abyss

One of the areas where the NEA is most active is in destroying the traditional morality of our nation. Reading the list of resolutions from last year's and past NEA Representative Assemblies is eye-opening (this year's resolutions have not been published yet). Consider the following excerpts from recent RA resolutions:

* Sex Education: "The NEA recognizes that the public school must play an increasingly important role in providing the instruction. Teachers ... must be legally protected from censorship and law suits." (Resolution B-36, 1998)

* Diversity: "Funds must be provided for programs to alleviate race, gender and sexual orientation discrimination and to eliminate portrayal of race, gender and sexual orientation stereotypes in the public schools." (A-13, 1996)

* Abortion: "The NEA supports family planning, including the right to reproductive freedom...." The NEA "urges the implementation of community-operated, school-based family planning clinics that will provide intensive counseling by trained personnel." (I-12, 2003)

The NEA officially claims to take no stand on abortion--just on "family planning" and "reproductive freedom." But a closer look at their own publications and the curricula in public schools exposes that lie. In fact, one of the NEA's own publications is entitled Why the NEA Must Be Pro-Choice.

In most public schools, the curriculum reflects the NEA abortion bias. One health text used in the Massachusetts school system teaches ninth-graders the following in the discussion of abortion: "You may come to the conclusion that growing up means rejecting the values of your parents."

The NEA doesn't pretend that they take no stand on homosexuality. They're all for it. The NEA's Human & Civil Rights Action Sheet (which bears the NEA logo) makes this clear. Following are just a few of the Action Sheet's recommendations:

* "Work with the school district, the parent-teacher organization, and community groups to provide information to other members, parents, and counselors about the developmental and health needs of homosexual, lesbian, and bisexual students."

* "Recommend ... that the library include positive learning materials about homosexuals, lesbians, and bisexuals."

* "Encourage the establishment and maintenance of peer support and community self-help programs for homosexual, lesbian, and bisexual students. …

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