Magazine article American Banker

'A Woman Comes into the Bank, and She Asks ...'

Magazine article American Banker

'A Woman Comes into the Bank, and She Asks ...'

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In the classes I teach and the speeches I give, I often use humor to make a point. (I also just like to get a laugh). Years later people tell me, "I don't remember anything you talked about, but I remember your jokes."

Here is one.

A woman comes into the bank, and she asks, "What do you charge for a loan?"

"Five percent," the banker says.

"That's ridiculous," the woman says. "The bank across the street only wants 4%."

"Then why didn't you go there?"

"They were out of money."

"Oh, when we are out of money we only charge 2%."

This next one illustrates the difference between buying stock, for which you pay only a one-time commission, and a mutual fund or some other managed investment, a gift that keeps giving -- to the manager.

A man's father dies in the old country. The man wires his brother there that he will pay all the funeral expenses.

The bill is $10,000; it is paid immediately.

But the next month another bill comes in, for $15. Ditto the month after that.

When the third $15 invoice arrives, the man calls his brother. "What is going on?" he asks.

"We buried Dad in a rented suit."

The next story is true.

There used to be terrific demand for safe-deposit boxes at a branch of Manufacturers Hanover (now part of Chase) a block from the beach at Coney Island, the old Brooklyn resort area. For several dollars a year you could rent a box, take it to a private room, and change for the beach.

But the sandy mess people made changing back at the end of the day was a nightmare for the bank.

The branch used to close at 4 p.m. sharp. One day a particularly sloppy lady, one of the worst offenders, showed up at 4:01.

"I want my clothes," she screamed through the locked doors. "I can't go home on the subway in my bathing suit."

The manager let her in -- but made her close her account and give up the box. …

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