Magazine article Corrections Today

Thank You

Magazine article Corrections Today

Thank You

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Thanks for sharing the benefits of American Correctional Association membership with your colleagues. ACA works tirelessly to raise the level of professionalism for those who work in the corrections field. It is always good to know members believe in what we do and you should know we could not do it without you. This is a special thank you to those individuals who have recruited new ACA members. Keep it up!

Joey Alcede (La.)

Anna Alston (N.C.)

Betty J. Amis (Ohio)

Brian K. Anschutz (Kan.)

Herman D. Avery (N.C.)

Sean Baird (Ariz.)

Patricia Barnes-Goodwin (Va.)

Gregory Basham (Calif.)

Jerry Bednarowski (Wis.)

Alfred Bell (N.C.)

Eddie Bell (Okla.)

Lozaro V. Bernavon (N.J.)

F. Dewayne Biggs (Okla.)

Bruce L. Bikle (Calif.)

Jacqueline Bishop (Wis.)

Suzanne E. Bohn (Nev.)

Lynne B. Bommele (N.C.)

William M. Boordermeer (S.D.)

Benjamin G. Bower (Ohio)

Thomas J. Brink (Ind.)

Daymon Brodhacker (Ind.)

Penny Brooksher (Okla.)

Barbara Brown (Ohio)

Jack A. Brown III (N.Y.)

James K. Bueche Jr. (La.)

Becky Burgin (III.)

Salvatore Calbone (Okla.)

Ana E. Calero (N.Y.)

Melissa Callahan (La.)

Denise M. Cannarella (S.C.)

Candi Cannon (S.C.)

Sandora B. Cathcart (Md.)

Gwen Chunn (N.C.)

Cordelia M. Clark (N.C.)

Edward L. Cohn (Ind.)

Dorothy Collins (Va.)

Linda Commons (Ind.)

Sheridan L. Connelly (N.Y.)

Denise Cooper (Nev.)

Michelle Covert (Ohio)

Michele Crews (III.)

Catherine Cruz (Ohio)

Rainelle M. Cunningham (Mich.)

Michael W. Curley (Mich.)

Carl L. Cushinberry (Kan.)

Myrtle A. Daniels (N.J.)

James Dare (Ohio)

Billey Ann Davis (Kan.)

Susan S. Davis (Mich.)

Connie DiDomenico (Colo.)

Lawrence T. Distefano (Ohio)

Alexandreena Dixon (N.Y.)

Kerry Dixon (Texas)

Tonya M. Dixon-King (N.C.)

Ron Dougherty (Ind.)

Warren K. Downing (N.C.)

Martha Karin Dudash (Okla.)

Jesse Dunnagan (Fla.)

Sheila Dupre (Mass.)

Thomas V. Duran (Pa.)

Melody J. Eldred (N.Y.)

Patricia A. Ellington (Calif.)

Darla Elliott (Texas)

Jarrell L. Evans (Miss.)

Jerry R. Evers Sr. (Ind.)

Victoria L. Fafata (Ind.)

Jack L. Falconer (Neb.)

Richard Fane (III.)

Lori Fleury (N.Y.)

Yvette Ford (Ohio)

Staci G. Freeman (Ohio)

Susan B. Galvin (Mass.)

Earl J. Gibson (N.C.)

Lauren Gillis (N.Y.)

Pedro Gonzalez (Colo.)

Mark A. Gooch (Va.)

Peter J. Grande (Kan.)

Diane Gunnell (Ind.)

Alan J. Hamburger (Ohio)

Judith Hebrlee (N.M.)

Robert F. Henderson (N.Y.)

Jack Hendrix (Ind.)

Robert E. Hines (N.C.)

Addie R. Holloman (N.C.)

Chris Howard (Okla.)

Daniel Hudson (Mo.)

Russell A. Hunt (Kan.)

Jodie E. Jackson (Mo.)

Aaron Jagers (Miss.)

Deborah Johnson (N.C.)

James Johnson (Kan.)

Sylvia Jones (S. …

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