Magazine article Marketing

ASA Rattles EC Sabre

Magazine article Marketing

ASA Rattles EC Sabre

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Car advertisers were warned this week not to return to the bad old days of speed-based advertising -- for fearing of incurring EC wrath.

This week four major cars firms were wrapped over the knuckles by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for their treatment of the twin issues of safety and speed.

"Car companies should remember there is an EC directive on car advertising in the pipeline and if they are not prepared to act responsibly the EC may turn its eyes on them more quickly", says an ASA spokesman.

Audi and Vauxhall are criticised for making boasts about safety which couldn't be proven whicle Renault and Nissan have been pulled over for promotion of speeding

Renault gets a special rap over the knuckles for a Publicis ad which it asked the ASA for advice over, and then proceeded to ignore.

The ad, for the Renault Clio, was attacked by the Cyclists' Touring Club for using the words "Phew. …

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