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Opinion: Marketing Society - Take Time out to Think

Magazine article Marketing

Opinion: Marketing Society - Take Time out to Think

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We have all become familiar with the notion of 'work-life balance' and can understand the problems of stress, undermined personal lives and diminished performance that result from working too much. Overwork can lead to a loss of perspective, exhaustion and, ultimately, professional burn-out. And just as we need to have a life outside work, there is a legitimate place within work for 'think time': time in which we can learn and improve our expertise. I wonder whether marketers pay enough attention to the importance of their own education and professional development.

The pace of change in our sector is breathtaking. The role of brands and marketing in helping customers navigate their way through an explosion of new choices is accepted as fundamental to business success. Yet it is precisely the pressure of this accelerated marketing environment that can make it seem ever more difficult to pause, step back and learn to think in new ways before making the next move.

I have been involved in marketing training and development for many years.

In that time I have observed a growing appetite for training and development modules that last a day, two hours or an hour; that take place online or at your desk; that are bite-sized, fast and on the run.

We are told that improving 'marketing capability' is vital to commercial success, yet there seems to be a lack of realistic awareness about the time and effort required.

In order to learn in any meaningful way, we need to tune in to the subject, absorb and understand new ideas and frameworks, question and discuss, make connections with our existing knowledge, try things out, decide what we have found really useful and return to the fray. …

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