Magazine article Supervisory Management

A Big Job: How to Psyche Yourself Up

Magazine article Supervisory Management

A Big Job: How to Psyche Yourself Up

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All of us encounter tasks that seem monumental. The specifics will vary, but the consequences are always the same: worry, fear, dislike, and an increasing desire not to tackle that kind of job ever again.

The next time you're faced with the kind of big assignment that you hate to take on, why not psych yourself up? True, the assignment may never become a joy, but you can do much to reduce the misery you feel--and, at the same time, get the entire job done much more quickly and much more effectively.

Here's how I suggest you go about it.

The Right Approach

Look at the whole job. Get the big picture through "hands-on" contact and close examination. Only then can you determine what skills and information you'll need to do the job and how much time and energy you'll have to put into it.

In making this assessment, keep in mind that the worst fear is often the fear of the unknown. So the greater your knowledge of just what is expected of you, the more likely you can cut down on some of that nagging worry and fear.

Realize you can do it. If self-doubts creep in as you assess the job, remember that your boss (whose judgement you respect) must believe that you can do it. If he or she didn't, you would never have been given this particular assignment. If you have done something similar in the past, that can be equally comforting.

Don't push the job away. Some people put an unplesant assignment on a back burner in the hope that it will somehow go away. …

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