Magazine article Supervisory Management

Time to Evaluate Evaluations

Magazine article Supervisory Management

Time to Evaluate Evaluations

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Virtually everyone gets some sort of evaluation of his or her work, and as a supervisor you probably give out many. But what real value do evaluations have? Most evaluations boil down a year's work into the performance categories of "good" and "not so good"--while laying the foundation for justifying the year's salary.

Common Complaints

Interestingly enough, most employees don,t complain about their evaluations per se. The primary complaint focuses on management technique. Common are such statements as "My supervisor doesn't know my work," "This evaluation doesn't say anything about me," and "I have no idea where I stand after reading this." Employees understandably object to what they see as a sloppy, casual, last-minute attitude toward documentation that affects their work life, career progress, and financial gain.

You've probably completed plenty of "standard" evaluation forms, complete with salary caps. You write a few comments on each form, review your observations with each employee, put through the pre-determined pay increase, and that's it.

It should come as no surprise that most employees feel this procedure isn't good enough. They don,t want fluff--they want the truth. They want to know that the people who judge them have the knowledge, concern, and insight to do so properly. In short, they want a real evaluation.

What Makes a Good Evaluation?

By providing your employees with a good evaluation, they'll realize that you take them seriously. Ultimately, the result will be more productive employees. Good evaluations always start with an investment in time. You really need to get to know your employees. Several months before the evaluations are due, watch their work--really watch it. Offer praise and encouragement, and help staffers correct mistakes. Observe improvements and ask for their input. …

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