Magazine article Landscape & Irrigation

Choosing Landscape Edging

Magazine article Landscape & Irrigation

Choosing Landscape Edging

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Forty, years ago, steel and wood products were all that was available to landscapers who needed to install edging for their clients. My, how things have changed. You can now choose from steel, brick, aluminum, plastic (PVC) and even concrete and fiberglass.

The function of landscape edging is not so much to add to the landscape's aesthetics, but to keep grass and weed rhizomes from traveling sideways and getting into mulch and flower beds.

Some of the newer edging material that separates pavement or flower beds from grassed areas allow you to run a mower over it, thereby saving time you might have to spend trimming around edges. Two inches above grade is about the maximum for "trimmerless" maintenance.

Other factors to consider before purchasing edging are ease of installation and stability--which don't often go hand-in-hand. If you want a stable edge that won't shift with the soil and weather (heave), it's probably going to involve some kind of hidden lip, anchor or clip--and that's going to take more time to install.

When deciding what kind of edging to buy for a particular landscape application, factors to consider include:

* stability: will not heave, even under changing soil and/or weather conditions

* "bendability": able to bend around natural curves in file landscape design

* durability: resistance to cracking, chipping, breaking, etc.

* cost

* ease of installation

* safety: no hazard to human or even pet traffic

* appearance in the landscape: to blend in with the design

Based on information obtained from a sampling of manufacturers, the table below shows how each product stacks up agains the others, relatively speaking.

Characteristics of landscape edging:

                  CONCRETE    PLASTIC     BRICK       ALUMINUM

Stability         very high   medium      very high   medium
"Bendability"     very low    very high   medium      high
Durability        very high   Low         high        high
Cost              medium      low         medium      high
Ease of install   medium      easy        medium      easy
Safety            high        medium      low         medium
Appearance        medium      medium      good        good

                  STEEL       FIBERGLASS

Stability         low         medium
"Bendability"     medium      high
Durability        medium      high
Cost              low         high
Ease of install   difficult   medium
Safety            low         high
Appearance        medium      good

Where to buy it:

Concrete curbing

Border Magic (IL)            (877) 892-2954
Concrete Edge (FL)           (800) 314-9984
Curb-King (UT)               (800) 937-2872
Curbmate (FL)                (866) 531-9779
Curb Scape (CO)              (303) 641-8800
Curb World (FL)              (407) 788-9613
Tygar Manufacturing (GA)     (866) 999-9506

Plastic edging

Borderscapes (MN)            (800) 282-4226
Dimex/EdgePro (OH)           (800) 334-3776
Epic Plastics (CA)           (209) 333-6161
Master Mark (MN)             (800) 535-4838
Oly-Ola Edging (IL)          (800) 334-4647
Patrician Products (CA)      (888) 262-2070

Paving bricks

Borderscapes (MN)            (800) 282-4226
Oly-Ola Edging (IL)          (800) 334-4647
Pavestone Plus (Canada)      (800) 265-6496
Pave Tech (MN)               (800) 728-3832
Pine Hall Brick (NC)         (800) 334-8689

Aluminum edging

Curv-Rite (MI)               (800) 366-2878
Edgestar/Laurel Block (MD)   (301) 953-7765
Permaloc (MI)                (800) 356-9660

Steel edging

Border Concepts (NC)         (800) 845-3343
Col-Met (TX)                 (800) 829-8225
Sure-Loc (MI)                (800) 787-3562

Fiberglass edging

FiberTech (CA)               (888) 262-2070
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