Magazine article Marketing

Are Green Offers Dead and Buried?

Magazine article Marketing

Are Green Offers Dead and Buried?

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The number of "environment" - relates sales promotions has fallen back to nearly nothing, compared to the heyday of Green. And that is probably the end of it.

Why? There are still enormous opportunities for firms that are interested in manufacturing, selling and promoting products which will do no long-term harm to the planet.

But these are few and far between, the most Green promotions have been unscrupulous, uncaring and, frankly, not very intelligent. Marketers saw the word Green and mistook it for the next great tactical promotions technique - perhaps succeeding scratch-cards.

In doing so, they failed to understand either the true nature of the proposition, or - more tellingly - the target market that such a proposition appeals to.

By definition, the Green consumer is likely to be a thinking, caring individual and probably left of centre politically. He/she is deeply suspicious of the true motives of promoters and is bright enough to identify any inconsistencies in the promoter's message.

Green consumers are also articulate enough to expose any such weaknesses both ruthlessly and effectively.

Have all these Green "arrivistes" effectively queered the pitch for any real promotion initiatives based on a long-term environment-friendly strategy? …

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