Business as Usual for EFTPOS New Zealand Customers: EFTPOS New Zealand Is Reassuring Customers It Is Business as Usual in the Lead Up to the Introduction of a New Set of Credit Card Security Standards

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New worldwide security requirements, that will see better credit card protection for both customers and retailers, are causing concern in the sector and EFTPOS New Zealand is calling for calm. EFTPOS New Zealand Acting Head of Development John Collins says scaremongering and hype in the marketplace around technology implications of the new mandates is unwarranted."There is absolutely no need for retailers to be concerned. The new standards are good news for our customers, and we will be making sure that they are looked after during this period of change."

As a result of the new Visa and MasterCard standards, which are technically known as EMV and 3DES, EFTPOS terminals used by some businesses will need to be upgraded to cope with new security technology. EFTPOS New Zealand will be assisting their customers with any necessary upgrades. Mr Collins says EFTPOS New Zealand is committed to delivering on its responsibility to ensure customers receive updated technology (either a software or hardware upgrade) where required, with minimum disruption. "We have the migration to the new standards under control and will be providing any new technology or updated equipment to our customers with as little as possible interruption to their businesses." A team of in-house developers has been working on the implementation of EMV and 3DES for some time, John Collins says. "We are working with our customers, and the broader sector, to ensure the transition to better security is seamless. We'll be letting customers know well in advance if any changes need to be made to their current EFTPOS services."

EFTPOS New Zealand currently offers two EMV/3DES capable standalone terminals, the EKLICK 710-16 and the Keycorp K23 terminal.

Mr Collins says EFTPOS New Zealand is concerned about reports that players in the market are pushing for retailers to prematurely re-evaluate their EFTPOS equipment. EFTPOS New Zealand's commitment to helping their customers is evident--their Technical Service Team recently won the Hi Tech category in the 2004 Customer Relationship Management Awards where they were congratulated on their ability to put technical jargon into customer friendly terms. …


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