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AFI Awards Finalists

Magazine article Metro Magazine

AFI Awards Finalists

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Producer: David Barda, Grace Yee, Paul Middleditch

Director: Paul Middleditch

Writers: Olivia Pigeot, Paul Middleditch, Susan Prior, Teo Gebert

Cinematographer: Steve Arnold

Editor: Peter Whitmore

Sound: Craig Unwin, James Martell, John O'Connell, Jon Marsh

Composer: Claire Jordan

Costume Designer: Meg Gordon

Leading Actor: Teo Gebert (Bobby)

Leading Actress: Olivia Pigeot (Tia)

Supporting Actress: Susan Prior (Phaedra)

Length: 87' Gauge: 35mm

SYNOPSIS', When Bobby and Tia meet by accident the last thing they want is a relationship. Bobby is hell bent on a journey of self-destruction and in Tia he finds a willing companion. They begin a brutal and damaging relationship fuelled by sex, alcohol and deceit. Tia's only refuge is in her childhood friend Phaedra, a trusting and optimistic confidant. Tia's tragic denial of her present life begins to infect Phaedra's undying faith in commitment and love. Through desperation, Phaedra drives into an unfamiliar and hostile world but it is her strength and compassion that pushes Bobby and Tia into confronting their worst fear--honesty.


Producer: Jane Scott, Sarah Radclyffe

Director: Jan Sardi

Cinematographer: Andrew Lesnie

Editor: Veronika Jenet

Sound: Andre Schmidt, Bernard O'Heilly, Gary Wilkins, Hugh Johnson

Composer: Stephen Warbeck

Production Designer: Paul Heath

Costume Designer: Anna Borghesi

Leading Actor: Adam Garcia (Gino), Giovanni Ribisi (Angelo)

Leading Actress: Amelia Warner (Rosetta)

Supporting Actor: Barry Otto (Father Alfredo), John Bluthal (Pepe)

Supporting Actress: Eleanor Bron (Signora Carmellina), Silvia de Santis (Connie)

Length: 103' Gauge: 35mm

SYNOPSIS: Despairing of ever finding love, the insecure Angelo uses a photo of his handsome brother Gino to convince a beautiful Italian girl to marry him. When she accepts, Gino is delighted for Angelo, until he finds out what happened. To complicate matters further, when Angelo introduces his brother to Rosette, it's love at first sight! Touching and funny, sentimental and heart-warming, this is a magical, nostalgic journey about family, destiny and the power of true love.


Producer: Charles Morton, Paul Currie, Phil Gregory

Director: Paul Currie

Writer: Paul Currie, Chip Richards

Cinematographer: Gary Ravenscroft

Editor: Gary Woodyard

Sound: Glenn Neunham, Jack McKerrow, Paul Pirola

Composer: David Hobson

Production Design: MacGregor Knox, Patrick Bennet, Joseph Kelly

Costume Designer: Kate Graham

Leading Actor: Dan Spielman: (Tommy Matisse)

Leading Actress: Leeanna Walsman (Alysse Green)

Supporting Actor: Nathan Phillips (Trig)

Supporting Actress: Kerry Armstrong (Caroline Matisse)

Young Actor: Abbie Cornish: (Emma Matisse)

Length: 105' Gauge: 35mm

SYNOPSIS: With love, passion, and tragedy surrounding him, Tommy Matisse strives for a way to express what he hears and feels through music. Struggling against the confines of academic music, and the harshness of the underground club scene, Tommy overcomes the odds to create a modern day opera, bringing hope and joy to a generation.


Producer: Anthony Anderson

Director: Cate Shortland

Writer: Cate Shortland

Cinematographer: Robert Humphreys

Editor: Scott Gray

Sound: Mark Blackwell, Peter Smith, Sam Petty

Composer: 'Decoder Ring'

Production Designer: Melinda Doring

Costume Designer: Emily Seresin

Leading Actor: Sam Worthington (Joe)

Leading Actress: Abbic Cornish: (Heidi)

Supporting Actor: Erik Thomson: (Richard), Nathaniel Dean (Stuart)

Supporting Actress: Hollie Andrew (Bianca), Lynett Curran (Irene)

Young Actor: Blake Pittman: (Karl)

Length: 106' Gauge: 35mm

SYNOPSIS: Heidi is sixteen and lives with her young, single mother in Canberra. …

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