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Magazine article Management Today

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Six years ago, Mark Christophers dropped out of corporate life as a venture capitalist to found the West Cornwall Pasty Company with a bunch of old snowboarding mates from his schooldays. Now he spends his time travelling the country, making sure that the enterprise's 34 outlets are doing good business, and running the numbers on his smart Sony laptop.


I first saw this phone in a gadget mag last year, and I knew I had to have one. I love the styling, and with Nokia you know that the operating system underneath it all is absolutely rock-solid. It hasn't got Bluetooth, but to me that's an advantage, as it means you can't look an idiot wearing one of those headsets. I travel a lot and it's my lifeline. We are relaxed about people taking time out to play golf or whatever, but in return we do like to be able to call them any time, even at the weekend.


A lawyer friend of mine has one of these and she showed it to me at Henley a while ago. I thought it was amazing. Our style of business is very informal - we all hate the idea of a big head office with lots of people who just make work for themselves. So we move around a lot and most of our meetings are held in one of our shops or in a cafe. The Blackberry is just perfect for the way we work, but I try to limit the amount of stuff flying around and take decisions based on small amounts of carefully chosen data.


This is the centre of my business world and I carry it with me all the time - in an old bag I call my virtual head office. …

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