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Facing Fantasy as Reality

Magazine article Marketing

Facing Fantasy as Reality

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Last week we made a general point about the impact of new technology. "Virtual reality" shopping is one good example.

When you use virtual reality (VR) you don a new motorbike style helmet and gloves with a mini-TV screen. The difference is when you look left the scene shifts accordingly. And when you move your hand to pick up the vase in front of you, 10 and behold, it moves in front of your eyes. There it is, "in your hands".

VR adventure games are already a boom business.VR shopping could see the end of the supermarket.

It's simple. Put on your helmet and there you are, immediately, in the supermarket. Stroll down the isles and you see a can of Heinz baked beans. You say "I'II have that" (it would probably work by voice activated technology), or else press a button. Instantly, your choice is recorded. And so you continue your journey.

When you've finished, the list of choices is sent down the fibre optic cable to the warehouse and immediately the order is prepared for despatch. Payment is instant and electronic too.

For marketers it's a new world. Each VR "supermarket" can be electronically tailored to each indiividual's known buying habits (each shopping trip is recorded against each individual's name and address). …

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