Magazine article FDA Consumer

Take the FDA Consumer Quiz

Magazine article FDA Consumer

Take the FDA Consumer Quiz

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According to public health officials, which groups of people should be sere to get a flu vaccination this season? At what age does a woman's fertility begin to decrease? Does eating too much sugar cause attention-deficit hgperactivity disorder? To find out how much you know about these and other health-related topics, take our quiz.

Hint: The answers to all of these questions can be found in the November-December 2004 issue of FDA Consumer (and at the bottom of this page). Good Luck!

1. Scientific evidence shows that attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is caused by:

a. poor parenting b. high sugar intake c. consuming food additives d. excessive TV viewing e. none of the above

2. The cure for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is:

a. FDA-approved medications b. behavioral therapy c. a combination of a and b d. brain surgery e. There is no cure, but medications and behavioral therapy can help treat the symptoms

3. Children who take a prescribed dose of a stimulant to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder:

a. eventually become addicted b. have no side effects at all c. may grow at a slower pace d. have an increased appetite

4. A person with deep vein thrombosis

a. may have swelling in the leg b. may have pain in the leg c. may not notice any signs of it d. …

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