Magazine article Supervisory Management

Assessing Work Behavior and Performance

Magazine article Supervisory Management

Assessing Work Behavior and Performance

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At work, are you demonstrating behavior that will please your own supervisor and get you noticed? Or is your behavior likely to lead to a poor evaluation?

As a supervisor or manager, what behavior should you encourage your workers to demonstrate and develop, and what behavior should you be discouraging?

The checklist on the next page can provide answers to these questions.

Assessing Work Behavior: A Tool

This checklist of desirable (positive) and undesirable (negative) behaviors was created in the early '70s by Michael Beer and Robert Ruh while at Coming Glass Company in response to management disenchantment with the company's performance appraisal program. Created primarily to help supervisors have developmental discussions with subordinates, as designed it assumes the manager is the assessor. But this checklist can just as easily be used for self-assessment.

Attesting to its continuing relevance, the checklist is used by employees and managers throughout Corning today, and it has influenced the construction of similar instruments in corporations around the world.

The Checklist of Behaviors

The checklist is based on the input of Corning managers. Research conducted by the company found that the ratings on behaviors correlate strongly with overall ratings of "management potential" and "promotability".

The list consists of 76 behaviors grouped into 19 categories. It has two major sections: "individual performance" and "supervisory performance". In reviewing an employee, a manager completes both sections if the employee has supervisory responsibility. If the employee does not, then the manager completes the individual performance section only. In assessing your own work behavior, the same rules would apply. …

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