Magazine article Marketing

Support for a Brand New Perspective

Magazine article Marketing

Support for a Brand New Perspective

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The traditional view of brands is that they have only one audience - the consumer. As such, brands (and brand managers) have not had to concern themselves with the overall complexities of the companies that produce them.

This view is increasingly being seen as simplistic. Other audiences such as the City, employees and suppliers are all taking an increasing interest in companies' brands, while consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the company that stands behind its public brand face.

Some consumers, for example, are less willing to buy from companies whose activities they disapprove of, while some investors are far more willing to fund companies whose brands they approve of.

All this makes modern brand management a much more complex art. Research we conducted recently underlines this complexity.

We asked a representative sample of consumers to rate eight leading British companies. Some were well known, others less so. With the company logos in front of them, participants were asked to rate each company as a good employer.

Later in the interview, the panel were shown three leading household brand names from each company. They rated "the companies that make these brands" on the same dimension, but with very different results. Some companies lost over a third of their favourable rating when their brands stood for them. Others gained as much or more. One company would find recruitment easier if its brand portfolio was better known, but another would certainly not.

Swings and roundabouts?

A similar effect occurred on every dimension used but no clear pattern emerged. …

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