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Quiz Time

Magazine article Technology & Learning

Quiz Time

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With all the emphasis on testing these days, students need to keep their scores up from year to year. The best way to do well on tests is to study. One way to study is to create quizzes with the information presented. Then students can test themselves anytime they want and as often as they need. Handhelds provide a great way for teachers to create quizzes and for students to answer the questions. Students can also create their own quizzes to help them remember what they learn.

Before the Lesson:

1. Open the Tasks or To Do List on your handheld.

2. Create a new category called "Environment Quiz"

3. Enter "Acid Rain" the first word on the list. (See the Definitions list on this page for suggestions.)

4. Tap Details and then tap Note.

5. Enter the definition and tap OK.

6. Repeat for additional words.


1. Turn on your handheld and open Tasks or the To Do List.

2. Create a new category called Vocabulary.

3. Wait for your teacher or other student to beam the vocabulary file to you.

4. When you accept the file, select the new category from the Category list so the new file is stored in that category.

5. Test yourself on the vocabulary by deciding if you know the definition of each word. Tap on the Note symbol to find the definition.

6. When you are finished, tap on Details and choose a number to lower the priority of any words you knew the definition for.

7. Add new words and definitions from this subject area and beam them to another student so you can test one another. …

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