Magazine article Security Management

Awards Bestowed on Worthy Recipients

Magazine article Security Management

Awards Bestowed on Worthy Recipients

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At various ceremonies throughout the week, members paused to recognize the significant contributions of fellow ASIS International members. The individuals were honored not only for their volunteer efforts in ASIS but also for their influence on and unwavering support of the security profession as a whole. Those honored were Timothy J. Walsh, CPP; Chris Wright, CPP; Bobby Smoot, James Dollar, and Waleed al-Mulla; William McShane, CPP; and Fred Foster.

Lifetime Achievement Award. Timothy J. Walsh, CPP, a leading voice in the security industry and ASIS International for five decades, was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award during a networking luncheon. Following a video highlighting his illustrious career, Walsh received an ovation from the audience and kudos from presenter ASIS President Shirley Pierini, CPP.

A leading voice in the Society's formative years, Walsh served as ASIS president during the Society's 10th anniversary. Walsh led a Society of 2,400 members, ten times the number of charter members, with a net worth of $69,000. He brought Industrial Security (the predecessor of Security Management) from a quarterly to a bimonthly magezine and realigned membership criteria based on job history and the concept of "responsible charge."

Walsh's imprint on ASIS began as a member of the influential Professional Criteria Committee in the 1950s. This committee, which Walsh chaired in 1958 and 1959, produced a Code of Ethics and developed educational standards. They considered the concept of certification well ahead of the time when the Society was ready financially to embrace such a concept.

In the mid-1960s, Walsh, along with former ASIS Presidents Paul Hansen and Richard Healy, designed an educational program for new security practitioners. This prototype was brought under the ASIS umbrella in the next decade as the Assets Protection Course (APC), led by Healy and Walsh. The two also developed and edited the Protection of Assets Manual, first published by The Merritt Company in the mid-1970s.


Perhaps the capstone achievement of the 1970s was the introduction of the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) program, and Walsh served on the first Security Certification Board (later the Professional Certification Board). He was instrumental in developing the first examination and devoted long hours to fine-tuning questions. Walsh contended that certification established ASIS "as the arbiter of professional excellence."

Most recently, the ASIS Commission on Guidelines, formed in 2001, drew on Walsh's expertise. He was gratified that the first guideline published by the commission was the General Security Risk Assessment Guideline. "One of the things I've been trying to do for 30 years in our education programs is to teach students how to recognize risk and understand the principles of risk management," Walsh said in a recent interview. "Then [security professionals] are talking a common language to other business colleagues."

Criscuoli Award. Chris Wright, CPP, president of the Wright Group in Anaheim, California, was the 2004 recipient of the coveted E.J. Criscuoli, Jr., CPP, Volunteer Leadership Award. A member of ASIS since 1990, Wright has consistently been an integral part of the leadership in the Orange County Chapter. She has held every major chapter office, chairing the chapter in 1995, 1996, and 1999. She has led or served on chapter committees in every year since she joined.

In 2000, Wright became assistant Regional Vice President (RVP) for Region III. The following year, she became the RVP for the region, which expanded her leadership capabilities to other chapters in California and Hawaii. Wright held that position through 2003. In 2002 she was named Regional Vice President of the Year.

In 2004, Wright took on a new role as Senior Regional Vice President for Group 1, which includes Regions I, II, III, and IV. …

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