Atlas of U.S. Presidents: A Presidential Browser

Article excerpt

Applied Optical Media's multimedia CDROM database of the American presidents is similar to National Geographic's in some ways. Like It All Started with George, Atlas of U.S. Presidents allows students to read biographies of America's 41 presidents, view pictures, and listen to historical speeches. It also includes biographies of each of the nation' s First Ladies, attractive historical maps showing key events occurring during every presidential term, and graphs and maps showing electoral and popular votes for each election.

The information can be reached by selecting a president (or First Lady) and clicking on the appropriate icon. Or students can pull up a more interactive database with facts such as the number of years a president held office, how old he was at inauguration, and which party he belonged to. Click on these categories, and you will be presented with a chart showing how all the other presidents compared in that area. …