Magazine article Newsweek

Fast Chat: Elvis in London

Magazine article Newsweek

Fast Chat: Elvis in London

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Byline: Susannah Meadows

Ricky Gervais became a star playing an icky character you had to watch through your fingers on the hit series "The Office." Now Gervais has written a children's book, "Flanimals," about globular creatures such as the Munty Flumple, a "dough-brained chump" who falls in love easily. Later this year, we can all get back in touch with our inner masochist when Gervais debuts another undoubtedly painful series, this time about extras. He chatted with NEWSWEEK's Susannah Meadows.

So you're pretty much a rock star in England now.

I'm the new Elvis.

Fat Elvis or skinny Elvis?

Fat Elvis. Not the good music and the sex appeal, just the weight.

In addition to writing and starring in the new series, you're going to be producing a "Flanimals" movie. You seem to be doing everything these days.

There are probably better directors and actors out there, but what's the fun in that? …

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