Magazine article The New American

OKC Bombing Revisited: To Support the Case Presented by the History Channel of a Government Coverup in the Oklahoma City Bombing, Additional Evidence Is Presented Here

Magazine article The New American

OKC Bombing Revisited: To Support the Case Presented by the History Channel of a Government Coverup in the Oklahoma City Bombing, Additional Evidence Is Presented Here

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On Sunday, last December 12, the History Channel presented the documentary Conspiracy ? Oklahoma City Bombing, which, as the name suggests, was meant to raise doubts as to whether the investigation of the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building was fully completed by authorities.

Based upon his nine years of investigation into the incident, THE NEW AMERICAN'S senior editor, William F. Jasper, was interviewed by the program's producers for several hours so that they could gain insights into the likelihood of an investigation gone awry. Mr. Jasper laid out the evidence for them, material which clearly shows that the investigation into the bombing was intentionally sidetracked and left undone. In the interests of limiting the length of their program and in trying to present a balanced argument, the program's producers only used a fraction of the material that he gave them, focusing their scrutiny on just a few controversial details that indicated that Timothy McVeigh, Michael Fortier, and Terry Nichols did not act alone--that they had help from at least one other man labeled John Doe No. 2.

Eyewitness Accounts

One area where the program focused its attention was on the fact that 10 eyewitnesses claimed to see McVeigh with a Middle Eastern man/men in the area of the Murrah Building immediately before and after the bombing. It also gave time to eyewitness accounts from workers at Elliot's Body Shop, a Ryder truck rental facility, who say McVeigh rented the Ryder truck in the company of a Middle Eastern man. After the program presented evidence of a Middle Eastern connection, the government was allowed to dispute the evidence and to give its explanation of the events. The government's position is that the people at Elliot's Body Shop had faulty memories and confused McVeigh with someone else who rented a truck (though the rental place is in a small town and the visits stood out in the workers' minds) and that the presence of Middle Easterners near the Ryder truck by the Murrah Building was coincidence. Danny Defenbaugh, the lead investigator for the FBI, indicated that there were no clear links to co-conspirators, saying, "If there were others unknown, I guarantee you that we would have gotten them."

However, evidence which was left out of the History Channel program clearly indicates that the FBI could not have fully investigated this crime and correctly concluded that additional conspirators were not involved, specifically Middle Eastern conspirators, because in the days leading up to the attack, McVeigh was repeatedly seen in the company of Middle Easterners:

* Thursday, April 13 (six days before the bombing): a woman who is a federal employee of the Murrah Building gets off the elevator on the second floor and comes face-to-face with two men in janitorial uniforms who turn as if to hide their faces. She does not recognize the men, although she knows all of the janitors in the building. She later identifies one of the men as Tim McVeigh. (Also, another federal employee reported that a couple of weeks before the elevator incident, McVeigh and two other men were in the Murrah Building and asked him about job opportunities. The man had a lengthy conversation with McVeigh.)

* Friday, April 14: McVeigh checks into the Dreamland Motel in Junction City, Kansas, and Shane Boyd, a helicopter mechanic who is staying at the motel, sees a "bushy-haired" man who resembles the government sketch of Joe Doe No. 2 near McVeigh's room.

* Saturday, April 15: in Oklahoma City two witnesses, husband and wife bartenders, serve beer to McVeigh and a companion, a dark-haired stranger who spoke English with a Middle Eastern accent.

* Monday, April 17: Donald Hood notices a man resembling John Doe No. 2 who leaves the office of the Dreamland Motel and gets into the driver's seat of a Ryder truck. At the same time, McVeigh comes out of his room and gets into the passenger side. …

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