Magazine article CMA - the Management Accounting Magazine

My Performance: A Self-Appraisal

Magazine article CMA - the Management Accounting Magazine

My Performance: A Self-Appraisal

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Twelve months and ten columns ago, I wrote my first column as your president. I told you what I thought was going to happen during the coming year.

Now, it is time for my swan song and I thought it only appropriate to assess my performance, although in some cases we may simply be measuring my ability to forecast events.

My first priority for the year was the strategic plan. As I assumed office, the strategic plan had been approved by the SMAC Board of Directors. Since then, it has been adopted by all of the provinces and territories. In addition, an implementation plan has been developed by senior staff across the country, and the execution of the plan has begun.

As an organization I wanted us to concentrate on developing, occupying, and maintaining our niche in the territory of management accounting. I acknowledged that one major means of accomplishing this is through the new accreditation process which had experienced a four-fold increase in people challenging the entrance exam over the first year it was offered. This year we anticipate about 2,100 will attempt the entrance exam, representing slightly more than two and one-half times last year's challengers, and more than 1 0 times that of the first year.

The provincial and territorial affiliates have done a great deal of good work promoting the new accreditation process to potential CMAs and employers. In the process, we have also taken major steps to move away from being an educational based organization. Instead, we have become much more of a professional-based organization. Despite our success, we must remain vigilant and continue to press in these areas.

Now for the downside of the appraisal. I stuck my neck out last year and offered my personal opinion that the Society would address the issue of mandatory professional development. Plain and simply, it didn't happen. It turned out that my will and my interest was much stronger than that of the Society. British Columbia has implemented mandatory PD; however, nationally it is a long way off, if in fact it ever happens.

As well, I had hoped that sometime during the year, die Society would reach an agreement with CIMA (the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) in the United Kingdom concerning the reciprocity of their designation with ours. Discussions have indeed begun, but the process is going to take much longer than my optimistic assessment of a year ago. There is, however, every reason to believe an agreement will eventually be reached. …

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