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Adwatch: Andrex Aloe Vera - 'Monster'

Magazine article Marketing

Adwatch: Andrex Aloe Vera - 'Monster'

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Sorry to misquote Monty Python, but this column is dead, deceased, passed on. It is no more. It has gone to meet its maker. It rests in peace. This is an ex-column.

The reason is simple. PVR. Personal Video Recording, or Video on Demand, or TiVo, or ...

Call it what you will, it means people can choose what they watch when they want - and can bin the ads if they so desire. Oh dear.

Two people I know invested in a TiVo machine this week, and to hear them go on about it you would have thought they had invented sex.

A quick glance at this week's top 20 explains why; and Andrex, in at number 12, illustrates the point.

This time we find the Andrex puppy embroiled in a Hitchcock bathroom drama of no consequence whatsoever. In an effort to extol the virtues of the Aloe Vera-imbued bog-roll, he stumbles across the lady of the house terrifyingly made up in full face pack plus cucumber slices. It's so tense the poor dog doesn't know whether to piss himself or curl up and go to sleep.

It was made by J Walter Thompson, or JWT as it is now known, which announced this week that after 140 years it now wants to be leaner, more modern and flexible. …

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