Magazine article The Saturday Evening Post

Treating Dizziness at Home

Magazine article The Saturday Evening Post

Treating Dizziness at Home

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Dear Dr. SerVaas:

In the Nov./Dec. issue of The Saturday Evening Post your advice for Mrs. Scheuemann's dizzy spells was the M.E.P. procedure. What is this procedure, step by step please?

Joe Aleman

El Paso, Texas

Many readers have asked how to perform the modified Epley procedure (MEP) to relieve a common type of dizziness called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV).

The condition--which occurs when crystals, or ear rocks, break free and float within the inner ear canal--may affect either ear. The modified Epley procedure helps reposition the particles to restore equilibrium.

Dr. George Hicks, medical director of the Midwest Ear Institute in Indianapolis, reports that the painless non-surgical therapy is effective in 95 percent of patients. The following instructions are for BPPV of the posterior balance canal, the most common type of positional vertigo: For left ear BPPV:

* Begin by sitting on a bed with the head turned 45 degrees to the left. Place a pillow behind you so that on lying back, it will be under the shoulders.

* Lie back quickly with shoulders on the pillow and head reclined onto the bed. Wait for 30 seconds.

* Turn the head 90 degreees to the right without raising it and wait again for 30 seconds.

* Turn your body, head another 90 degrees to the right, and wait for another 30 seconds. Sit up on the right side.

For right ear BPPV, perform the motions in the opposite direction, starting with the head turned to the right side. …

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