Magazine article Word Ways

More Balanced Word Pairs

Magazine article Word Ways

More Balanced Word Pairs

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Darryl Francis presented a neat idea in "Balanced Word Pairs" in the November 2004 Word Ways. I do, however, prefer a name like "complementary word pairs" because the corresponding letters in each word are the 27s-complement of each other. I do not see how the word "balanced" applies, as it does with balanced words. Darryl found just one example of length 6; I found another 150 of this length (mostly by using place names). I also found nine of length 7 (ignoring words consisting of strings of up to 23 As). The following selection of length 6 includes cases where both words are to be found in a dictionary or similar reference, or where one word at least is familiar.

Porto Artaza, Brazil, -24[degrees]31, -54[degrees]20; zigzaz rainbowfish (ITIS animals)

crozer (Web2); Xilavi, South Africa,-22[degrees]31, 31[degrees]01

droogs (Clockwork Orange); will'th (O leave 12, 1541q)

drools (O drool); Willoh, Australia, -29[degrees]30, 147[degrees]15

Dzidzi, Gabon, -0[degrees]14, 12[degrees] 16; war-war (O jaw-jaw, Churchill: "To jaw-jaw is always better ...")

Gibuli, Latvia, 57[degrees]21, 21[degrees]56; try for (O)

giburo (O, W German antecedent of boor); tryfil (O trifle)

Wadi Girgir, Egypt, 28[degrees]07, 34[degrees]12; tri-tri goby (ITIS animals)

Girvin (O spring, 1799q, author); Trierm. (O arch 5, 1813q abbr. title of Scott's)

glavir (O); Epipterygium tozeri lipocarpa (ITIS plants)

glifts (O glift); Torugh, Nigeria, 7[degrees]19, 8[degrees]34

grillo (O); Tirool, Namibia, -26[degrees]20, 16[degrees]32

helots (O helot); svolgh (O, Middle Swedish antecedent of swallow)

Holdt's (locust) (ITIS plants, sic); slowgh (O attain 5, 1450q, also earlier form of slow, slay etc)

ifiifi (Samoan tree, Pal); rurrur (Pal)

Iliili, Samoa, -14[degrees]01, -171[degrees]42; rorror (Pal)

iviivi (Mangarevan, Pal); Rerrer (German family name, Pal)

kilerg and provit (DF recorded this pair)

Kirali, Pakistan, 32[degrees]48, 72[degrees]05; prizor (O, earlier form of prizer)

Kiravi, Turkey, 38[degrees]54, 41[degrees]32; prizer (O)

Kolevi, Georgia, 42[degrees]18, 43[degrees]32; plover (O)

Krouvi, Finland, 63[degrees]22, 22[degrees]42; pilfer (O)

levior, as in Polyrhachis levior diagonalis (ITIS animals); Overli, Norway, 69[degrees]05, 18[degrees]34

Lavitz (US Census personal name); overga (O)

lil-lil (Macquarie Dict); orooro (Pal, or Oro'oro River, Solomon Islands, -9[degrees]46, 160[degrees]14)

lullul and ofoofo are both in Pal

malmal (O mulmull, Hindi antecedent); Nzonzo, Congo, -4[degrees]47, 14[degrees]36

Marmar (Web2 below line); Nzinzi, Dem Rep Congo, 2[degrees]32, 30[degrees]32

Length 7:

Armariz, Spain, 42[degrees]22, -7[degrees]43; Zinzira, Bangladesh, 23[degrees]52, 90[degrees]18

Mughayr az Zilfi, Saudi Arabia, 26[degrees]12, 44[degrees]52; Rass ez Zaarour, Syria, 33[degrees]38, 36[degrees]07

Eridzor, Armenia, 40[degrees]50, 45[degrees]32; Chak Virwali, Pakistan, 31[degrees]32, 72[degrees]16

Gargarh, Afghanistan, 32[degrees]23, 64[degrees]57; tzitzis (O, tsitsith, 1881q)

hazizah (Pal); Szaraz's (Pal)

hevinle (O, mean 2, 1500q); Svermov, Czech Rep, 50[degrees]10, 14[degrees]08

Kilevli, Turkey, 39[degrees]52, 33[degrees]46; proveor (O purveyor, Old French antecedent)

Kiviloo, Estonia, 59[degrees]17, 25[degrees]14; preroll = time for videotape to get up to speed (Dictionary of

Occupational Titles)

Krizara, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 44[degrees]13, 18[degrees]15; Piraziz Dagi, Turkey, 38[degrees]37, 40[degrees]08


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